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Shifting Houses During COVID? Take these Safety Measures

Shiting houses is not an easy task when done on a normal day. If you are planning a move during the COVID-19, you may want to consider some additional precautions that need to be taken. Of course, this shifting should be in line with the government regulations for the lockdown. Here are a few measures that you can take to ensure that you and your family are safe during the shifting.

Before you move

1. Choose your movers company carefully and ask questions

Make sure you ask them what safety measures they are taking to ensure a safe moving experience during the COVID-19 outbreak.

2. Get a virtual moving quote

Avoiding in-person contact is a very important step in this COVID-19 situation. Virtual survey options offer an alternative to the traditional method using video chat on your mobile.  

3. Move in / out Cleaning and disinfection

Hire professional cleaners to help with your move-in/move-out cleaning tasks. It can be an excellent time-saving option. Evershine provides professional move in or moves out cleaning service, Disinfection service in UAE. 

4. Fumigate new home

Fumigation is the process of killing bacteria and viruses, not just in the air but also on surfaces. Just get your home fumigated a couple of days before your shift, and you will have a clean and disinfected home. Call Evershine for fumigation service in UAE.

During Your Move (When Your Movers Have Arrived for Loading and Unloading)

5. Greet with a smile, not a handshake

Use non-contact methods of greeting. 

6. Maintain a six-foot distance

As your workers load and unload your belongings, practice social distancing, let them do it. If possible, keep children, pets in a separate area.

7. Wash hands or use sanitizer

Request movers to wash their hands at the door and regular intervals. Keep hand sanitizers handy and readily available for use.

8. Practice CDC recommended protocol to decrease the spread of the Covid 

These recommendations include but are not limited to the following: wearing masks, avoid touching the face, limiting food sharing, scheduling regular hand washing, and regularly disinfecting surfaces.

9. If at any point before or during your move, you suspect you’ve been exposed to the virus or have symptoms, contact your doctor and inform the moving crew and company. 

After Your Move  

10. Thoroughly disinfect your new home before you unpack 

Remember to sanitize and disinfect your belongings after the packers have left them. Disinfect your furniture and belongings as you unpack. Properly dispose of all used packing materials according to waste disposal and recycling guidelines.

Clean and sanitize all hard surfaces with products that clean and disinfect all at once. If your new home has soft surfaces, such as carpets, sofa, you should arrange to have them properly cleaned and sanitized.

Evershine provides professional deep cleaning, sanitization, move-in /out cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Call us for the best quote.

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