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Cleaner vs. Disinfectant: What’s the difference?

We have been asked a lot whether cleaners can kill the virus. A cleaner is not a disinfectant. Any cleaner is not able to disinfect surfaces, but they are a vital part of the disinfection process.

You can protect yourself and your family by keeping pathogens away from your home by simply washing your hands regularly and cleaning and disinfecting your home regularly.

Evershine offers professional cleaning services for your home.

Cleaner vs. Disinfectant

Many people seem to confuse cleaners with disinfectants. So here is what you need to know:

A cleaner doesn’t disinfect.

A disinfectant doesn’t clean.

A cleaner is a solution with surfactants, which are ingredients that lift dust, dirt off a surface. Using a cleaner will remove a large part of bacteria, viruses, and germs, but it doesn’t disinfect, as it kills 99.9% of all germs. Just the same, a disinfectant doesn’t remove stains and soil from your surfaces.

This means that if you want to clean and disinfect your home, typically you will need to clean the surface with a cleaner first, then use a disinfectant after to kill the germs. But the disinfectant will only work if used correctly.

Disinfectants only work on clean surfaces, so you need to use a cleaner to remove soils and stains before being able to disinfect. Evershine’s home cleaning service offers professional disinfection services for your home. Call us to know more.

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