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Cleaning and Restoration of Stainless Steel Services

Transforming stainless steel surfaces with precision cleaning Anyone can do basic cleaning, but when it comes to deep cleaning each and every corner, only professionals can deliver. Evershine stands as a prime example, offering a range of cleaning services in the UAE. Among our specialties is the meticulous cleaning and restoration of stainless steel, crucial […]
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Kitchen Hood Degreasing Services

Trust our experts for thorough kitchen hood degreasing services in UAE Kitchen hood cleaning and degreasing services are essential for maintaining a safe and hygienic environment in commercial kitchens. These services specialize in removing grease, grime, and other contaminants that accumulate in kitchen exhaust systems, including hoods, ducts, filters, and fans. At Evershine, we offer […]
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Glue Cleaning and Removal Services

Our glue cleaning and removal services reveal the true beauty of your surfaces Professional Glue Cleaning and Removal Services Glue cleaning and removal services offer a valuable solution for individuals and businesses dealing with the aftermath of adhesive mishaps. Whether it’s sticky residue on surfaces, accidental spills, or the need to deconstruct glued structures, Evershine […]
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Oven Cleaning and Degreasing Services

Professional Oven Cleaning and Degreasing Services A clean oven is the heart of a healthy kitchen. Let us keep yours in top condition with our cleaning and degreasing services. It is important to keep your kitchen surroundings and equipment clean and hygienic. One of the major kitchen appliances used most often is the oven. Therefore, […]
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Silicone Removal Services

Say goodbye to old seals and hello to a fresh start with our silicone removal expertise Silicone is a versatile material used in construction, manufacturing, and household applications due to its flexibility, durability, and water-resistant properties. However, over time, silicone can deteriorate, become discolored, or lose its effectiveness, necessitating its removal and replacement. Evershine offers […]
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Parquet Floor Polishing and Restoration Services

Experience the magic of parquet floor with our polishing and restoration services Parquet floor polishing and restoration services can breathe new life into old and worn floors, transforming them into stunning focal points that enhance the overall look of any space. If you want to restore a historic parquet floor to its former glory or […]
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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration Services Tile and grout cleaning services play a major role in maintaining the beauty and hygiene of residential and commercial spaces. While most services focus on regular tile cleaning, the accumulated dirt on the grout often goes unnoticed. At Evershine, we offer grout cleaning along with our tile cleaning […]
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Stains and Watermarks Removal Services

Experience the difference with our precision stains and watermarks removal services, bringing new life to your flooring Stains and watermarks removal from floors is one of the specialized service offered by Evershine. These services are designed to effectively and safely remove various types of stains and watermarks from different types of flooring materials. We specializes […]
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Wooden Floor Cleaning, Polishing and Grinding Services

Restore, renew, and refresh your wooden floors with our precision cleaning, grinding and polishing services in UAE Wooden floor cleaning, polishing, and grinding services offer a solution for maintaining the beauty and longevity of wooden floors. At Evershine, we have professional team for cleaning, polishing, and grinding service in UAE.  Evershine have a team of […]
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Epoxy Floor Cleaning Services

Discover the magic of Epoxy floor cleaning services in UAE Are you tired of dull and stained epoxy floors diminishing the appeal of your space? Say goodbye to it and hello to a gleaming floor with our Epoxy Floor Cleaning Services. Epoxy floor cleaning services are essential for maximizing the lifespan and aesthetics of epoxy […]
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